The absence of a mother always hurts the heart

It doesn’t matter how old you are, nor how old your mother was … when she can no longer be by your side, you leave your childhood forever … you no longer feel that special protection that only a mother offers you while she lives. You stop being a child and you must mature by leaps and bounds in all facets of your life.

It is not easy to say goodbye to a mother, even if she has lived 100 years, even if you are 80 … It does not matter. A mother is always a mother and when she is gone, everything changes, everything falls apart. Your world stops being what it was, everything turns dark. You must rebuild your world without his help, without his guidance, without the love that he was able to give you whenever you needed it.

Because when you have your mother close and you need to resurface from a bad stage, it will be the one that transmits that energy and that strength that she always has to give you. Because a mother only wants the best for her children, no matter how old they are.

And when she is gone, when her absence makes you feel so much pain inside, all that changes. That strength that she gave you now you have to forge it from the depths of your guts. You must save each of his teachings to later remember them and be able to carry them out in your life.

The warmth of a mother that is no longer there

Somehow, even if your mother is not by your side, and her absence feels like a stab in the heart … the reality is that she will always be living in you. Because she gave you life, and is linked to your heart as long as you live.

You won’t be able to see her, you won’t be able to touch her… but if you close your eyes and think about her, imagine her face in your mind, then you will have that drive and that strength that she gave you whenever you needed it. Now you have to look for that strength that she gave you inside. Because you have it, because she gives it to you.

We all know that the care of a mother is what we need to survive in our first years of life, but there are few things in the world more important than that. She is what we always need the most. In childhood we are terrified of losing our mother because she is the only being in the world (along with the father who loves his children) who would give anything for our good. At least those mothers who do love their children.

When he is absent there is nothing in the world and in all of life that can compensate for his absence. In fact, when we are little we only want her acceptance, that she loves us in the same unconditional and deep way, just as we love her every day. We never want to question her decisions because we know that all the decisions she makes, she does so thinking of us before of herself.

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